Emergency Contacts

    Safety Advice

    Unfortunate incidents can occur anytime, anywhere. The Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides assistance and advice to help students prevent and prepare for a crisis. Knowing how to respond can help turn a difficult time into a positive learning experience.

    Student safety is a priority for the University. GEO staff closely monitor world and region-specific events and communicate regularly with partner institutions, education agencies, consular officials, immigration and law enforcement authorities, legal advisors and student counsellors. Health and safety advice and travel warnings are issued to students whenever necessary.

    GEO also organizes talks, briefings and services to promote personal and travel safety and to enhance students' awareness of the importance of staying vigilant, carrying adequate insurance cover, abiding by local laws and customs, and behaving responsibly.

    CityU Critical Incident Management Team (CIMAT) for Students

    GEO works closely with the University's Critical Incident Management Team (CIMAT) for Students when an incident involving a non-local student occurs. GEO has a Critical Incident Response Manual with case-specific standing operating procedures for different situations. Depending on the circumstances, the appropriate procedure will be activated in conjunction with the strategic protocol of the CIMAT.

    Emergency Contacts

    Hong Kong Immigration Department 24-hour Emergency Hotline (852) 1868
    Voluntary Travel Insurance offered by GENERALI Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A (852) 3187 6889
    CityU Campus Security 24-Hour Hotline (852) 3442 8888
    Global Engagement Office (HK Time: 0900-1230 & 1345-1745, Monday to Friday) (852) 3442 8089