Here you will find an introduction of the CityU brand, our positioning and the key messages.
In the Corporate Identity Manual, you will also find guidance to using the University logo, and a range of useful resources.

A Strong Brand, A Strong CityU

Our brand is more than just a logo. It represents who we are, what we do, and how we make a difference through the professional educational programmes we offer and the groundbreaking research we carry out. 

The CityU brand reflects our core values, the dynamic nature of our people and programmes, our rising status and visionary leadership. In particular, 

  • we are a professional school excelling in professional education and research;
  • we target research that impacts the world, especially engineering and biomedicine where our performance is among the strongest.

A new Strategic Plan for our future

Our leadership in higher education is embodied in our Strategic Plan 2015–2020: Making a Difference through Excellence in Research and Professional Education. This document signifies how we make a difference in students’ lives and society at large, as well as how we address global issues. 

CityU is committed to excellence, good governance and accountability. We are deepening our efforts at institutional identity building and strengthening our image as a global destination for professional education in the 21st century by emphasising our creativity and innovation.

To convey these messages, it is essential that we have a strong and unified voice in all of our communications. Each time we engage stakeholders is an opportunity to build our brand and maintain our image as a world-class institution. 

Why a unified brand is so important

CityU embodies excellence, honesty, freedom of enquiry, accountability, and civility and collegiality: our core values. These values stand at the heart of everything we do at CityU. 

A strong CityU brand helps us communicate these values and our reputation as a centre of academic and research excellence, building a global reputation based on trust and credibility among our local, regional and international stakeholders. 

We can achieve this by maintaining a clear and consistent identity across all of our communications. In doing so, we eliminate any confusion about who we are, establish a stronger “brand presence” and communicate what we stand for more effectively. 

Building a strong brand takes time, and maintaining consistency is key. If you have questions on its applications, ways to treat our brand colours, font and the placement of our logo, please contact CPRO at  

Brand personality

Although a brand is obviously not a person, it can take on human attributes and develop its own distinct personality. 

CityU is not a conservative institution with a long tradition, nor do we wish to be perceived that way. We are dynamic, innovative, bold, and smart. By keeping our unique personality traits in mind every time we communicate with stakeholders, our reputation as a pioneering and vital university will continue to grow.

Brand positioning

For students and faculty aspiring to excellence in higher education, CityU is committed to creating new knowledge, nurturing student talent, and cultivating cutting-edge research that will positively impact the world around us. 

Brand pillars

In support of our brand, we focus on six strategic themes that will guide the University’s development over the next five years. 

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