The Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) is the multi-channel communications team at City University of Hong Kong. CPRO builds upon CityU's strengths to enhance the University's outreach and image-building efforts. A key objective of CPRO is to help the University meet new challenges by building trust and understanding among the University community and the public.

University Communications

CPRO provides a rich range of services for university departments and units who wish to publicise news, events and achievements. 

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The CityU Newscentre is the University's official news channel reporting our latest and greatest.

About CityU Brand

Brand Pillars

The CityU brand helps communicate the message that CityU is a leading university on the world stage.

Brand Personality

The CityU Brand showcases the university as a dynamic, innovative, bold, and smart brand with global ambitions.

Brand Position

The CityU brand helps to reinforce CityU’s positioning in the global academic as one of the leading global universities.