Vision & Mission


To be Internationally Recognized as A Leading Research Center in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.


  • To nurture and reinforce collaborative research in the area of nanomaterials, diamond and nanocoatings, and advanced thin films with the aim to become an internationally recognized research center.
  • To assist Hong Kong industries in making use of the technologies based on nanomaterials, diamond, and advanced thin films.
  • To enhance the image and reputation of CityU as a university which cultivates high-quality applied research and development for wide industrial applications.
  • To promote and support collaborative research with institutions in the Mainland in the area of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.
  • To become an eminent research center with solid strength for attracting external funding.


The main focuses of COSDAF are to co-ordinate and enhance applied research undertaken by staff members in various departments pertaining to:

  • Synthesis of nano-scale materials and exploration of their novel properties and applications
  • Fabrication and characterization of nanoscale electronic, optoelectronic, photovoltaic, and sensor devices
  • Organic electroluminescent materials and displays
  • Biomedical applications of nano-scale materials
  • Single crystalline and nanocrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride films
  • Superhard thin films for advanced coatings and tribology
  • Surface and interface materials science
  • Computational materials physics on the above topics