Main-stream research areas in COSDAF are among the hot topics of intense current interest worldwide. They are in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology focusing on design and synthesis of nanomaterials and novel molecular probes for biotechnology and biomedical applications, renewable and clean energy, and development of devices for energy saving (including solar cells, photovoltaic cells, organic light-emitting diodes and etc.), nanodiamond and superhard coatings.

In all these areas, COSDAF has gained international recognition and demonstrated a definitive leading edge in comparison to local counterparts. COSDAF also excels in applied research in the above areas, as evidenced by the awards of ITC and industry projects, and funding from Mainland (863, 973 and NSFC projects), as well as patents filed in the areas of nanomaterials, OLED, diamond, and advanced thin films.