Tiger Communication and Language Improvement Programme (Tiger CLIP)

The Talent and Education Development Office (TED) is pleased to announce the launch of the Tiger Communication and Language Improvement Programme (Tiger CLIP). 

The Tiger CLIP works on a walk-in basis. Tiger CLIP tutors – students from the Department of English trained in providing language and communication support - will be on hand to assist with your speaking and writing development in English and so improve your communication skills. They will be stationed in B5-120 (YEUNG) from now to Week 13 during Semester B as follows:

Day Time Mode
Monday 9am-12nn Writing
Monday 3-6pm Writing
Tuesday 10am-12nn Writing
Tuesday 2-5pm Speaking
Wednesday 10am-12nn Speaking
Wednesday 2-3pm Speaking
Thursday 10am-12nn Speaking
Friday 10am-12nn Speaking
Friday 4:30-6pm Speaking


You can take part in activities with Tiger CLIP Tutors, for example, to develop your fluency and confidence in expressing yourself clearly in English. You could also, for example, bring your past assignment essays to understand how to improve your writing. Tutors will also be ready to engage you in other speaking or writing activities.