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GE2304M Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Course Aims:

This course aims to help university students to understand the personal characteristics and thinking styles of an innovator and entrepreneur. It also aims to nurture students’ innovation attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and team collaboration skills in a multi-disciplinary environment. The course will provide an opportunity for students from engineering and sciences, social sciences, and management fields to work together in their own mock companies and play the roles of CEO and various other managers for simulating an innovation and entrepreneurship process. Students will learn the basic skills of discover real-life problems, generate new ideas, propose new products and plan new enterprises. They will then analyse the feasibility of the product from both technical and managerial aspects and write a simple business plan as a group task, and then do a mock presentation to so-called investors.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)

No. CILOS Weighting
1. To understand the characteristics and thinking of innovators and entrepreneurs. 2
2. To identify different thinking styles associated with innovation. 2
3. To discover problems, generate new ideas and propose new products. 3
4. To conduct basic but comprehensive feasibility study of a new product. 1
5. To incorporate all the above factors into a simple business plan. 3

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