Introduction to Laboratories

ADSE Laboratory Room
01 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory YEUNG-P7540
02 Ergonomics and Work Design Laboratory YEUNG-P7301
03 Human Performance Laboratory YEUNG-P7304
04 Economics and Financial Systems Laboratory YEUNG-P7303
05 Quality Inspection and Nondestructive Testing (QNDT) Laboratory YEUNG-P7302
06 Healthcare and Services Systems Laboratory YEUNG-P7510
07 Safety and Health Engineering Laboratory YEUNG-P7305
08 Smart Engineering Asset Management Laboratory (SEAM) YEUNG-P7310
09 Product Safety and Hazard Analysis Laboratory YEUNG-Y1421 / Y1422
10 Product Testing and Inspection Laboratory YEUNG-Y1501

Floor Plan of ADSE Laboratories

Last modified on 1 May, 2021