School of Data Science

School of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BSc Data and Systems Engineering)

數據科學學院 [選項:理學士(數據科學)、理學士(數據與系統工程)]
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Academic Year of Entry
Admission Code

1071 (JS1071)

Indicative Intake Target

Local Places:

20 (For First Year Entry)*

Non-Local Places  
(For Overall Direct Applications):

Around 300

Normal Duration of Programme
4 years
Programme Website
Programme Leader and Admissions Tutor
Prof Lishuai LI

BEng (Fudan U), MSc & PhD (MIT)

Deputy Programme Leader
Prof Xiao QIAO

BSc (The Wharton School), BEng (U of Pennsylvania), PhD (U of Chicago)

General Enquiries
Contact Type
Contact Value

+852 3442 7887

Contact Type
Contact Value

* for JUPAS and non-JUPAS admissions

Programme Brochure
Why School of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BSc Data and Systems Engineering)?

Data Science focuses on solving problems and advancing societies using vast amounts of data. Students of 1071 will have a free choice of majors (BSc Data Science or BSc Data and Systems Engineering) after one year of study.

Entrance Requirements
JUPAS Applicants

JUPAS Entrance Requirements

JS1071 School of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BSc Data and Systems Engineering)
HKDSE SubjectMinimum Level Required
English LanguageLevel 3
Chinese LanguageLevel 3
MathematicsLevel 3
Citizenship and Social DevelopmentAttained
Elective 1Level 3
Elective 2Level 3

- Besides Category A elective subjects, Mathematics extended modules (M1/M2) and “other languages” (at grade E or above) can also be used to meet the elective requirement. If students take both M1 and M2, they are counted as one subject only.  
- Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects.  
- For details of the alternative Chinese Language qualifications acceptable by the University for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, please click here.

Direct / Non-JUPAS Applicants

Direct/ Non-JUPAS Applicants Entrance Requirements

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements.

Admission Arrangements

Applicants to this programme (admission code: 1071) will be considered for admission to first-year studies at the School of Data Science. Students will have a free choice of majors (current major options: BSc Data Science, BSc Data and Systems Engineering) offered by the School after one year of study.

Curriculum Structure

First-Year Curriculum

First-Year Curriculum

CoursesNo. of Credit Units
General EducationUniversity Requirements• GE1401 University English; and 
• Discipline-specific English; and 
• GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History & Philosophy
School Specified Requirements

School Specified GE courses for normative four-year degree: 

CS2311Computer Programming
SDSC1001Introduction to Data Science



Distributional Requirements

At least one course from each of the three areas:

Area 1: Arts and Humanities 
Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations 
Area 3: Science and Technology

School Requirement / Major RequirementMA1503 Linear Algebra with Applications4
Major RequirementSDSC2004 Data Visualization3
Total No. of Credit Units:34 - 37

For details of the programme’s curriculum structure, please visit the ‘Undergraduate Catalogue’.

School of Data Science

The School of Data Science (SDSC), the first independent school in the region to focus on data science and its applications, aims to nurture future data science talent, which is urgently needed in numerous industries and by society at large. Boasting world-class faculty and an outstanding infrastructure and vision, the School aspires to become a trailblazer in data science in Hong Kong and beyond.  

The SDSC offers interdisciplinary curricula for undergraduate students. These curricula not only provide a solid foundation in data science and a state-of-the-art spectra of data science subjects, but also offer students the chance to undertake projects and courses connected with promising application areas in data science, such as systems analytics, social media analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City, Artificial Intelligence and statistical learning approaches. Fostering intellectual curiosity and autonomy, the SDSC provides students with ample opportunities to participate in open-ended projects and realise their dream data science products. Through its extensive industrial partnerships and networks, the SDSC will prepare a new breed of data science professionals to excel in inter-disciplinary and cross-functional collaboration.

What You Will be Studying

A qualified data scientist or data engineer is trained in a range of computing, mathematics, statistics, and business-oriented topics, gaining a core collection of interdisciplinary skills. The BSc Data Science (BScDS) programme and BSc Data and Systems Engineering (BScDSE) programme will prepare students to become a data science professional with solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. The programmes will offer you a solid foundation in the following areas.

Mathematics and computer programming in data scienceStatistical learning, machine learning and deep learningArtificial intelligenceSystem modelling, simulation and optimization

Three flexible modules of advanced knowledge (BSc Data Science)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Statistical Learning

Four flexible categories of advanced knowledge (BSc Data and Systems Engineering)

  • FinTech
  • Industrial AI
  • Smart City
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
Programme Mission

City University of Hong Kong offers two unique undergraduate programmes, BSc Data Science and BSc Data and Systems Engineering, which are designed to cultivate data science professionals capable of applying and creating the data science knowledge required to support social and economic development in Hong Kong and beyond. Data science, as a rapidly growing field, focuses on solving problems and furthering social progress using vast amounts of data collected in various industries, commerce and applied sciences. A data science professional is trained to use and extract insights from these data,  apply to and solve real-world problems in the data realm responsibly.

BSc Data Science cultivates data scientists and data science professionals with rigorous theoretical and methodological knowledge of data science along with in-depth analysis and evaluation for applied problems.

BSc Data and Systems Engineering cultivates data scientists and advanced data engineers with a solid understanding of the tools and techniques, with a focus on managing data and applying data science techniques to solve social and economic problems.





Career Prospects

Please refer to the BSc DS and BSc DSE programme information for details.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships are available, please refer to the details at

Student Exchange / Internship

The School provides student exchange and internship opportunities to our students to gain international perspectives, global engagement and industry experience.

Students may choose between the overseas student exchange opportunities at world-leading institutions provided by the School or the University. Paying the tuition at CityU, students will spend a study semester abroad and may transfer the academic credits earned at the host institution to fulfil the graduation requirement.

The School also partners with premier corporates in a wide range of sectors to offer internship opportunities relevant to our majors. With these placements, students are expected to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in real-world applications.