Regulations Governing the Use of the Swimming Pool

In addition to the general regulations governing the use of sports facilities, users should observe the following regulations regarding the use of the Swimming Pool.



No person with any communicable or skin disease should use the pool.


Children of full-time staff under the age of 12 must be accompanied by one of their parents or an eligible adult user who is aged 18 or above. No adult may accompany more than 4 children at any one time, and they must leave the pool when the adult leaves.


Users must change in the appropriate changing rooms.


Users in swimming wear must not use any of the sports facilities other than the pool.


Users must use the footbath and the shower before entering the pool.


Only clean and unsoiled rubber flip-flops are allowed on the pool deck. Rubber flip-flops, if worn, must be washed in the footbath beforehand.


Users with hair of shoulder length must wear swimming caps or tie up their hair while using the pool, and pool staff are authorised to prevent any person not complying with this rule from using the pool.


Spitting is prohibited in the pool area.


Smoking, eating, drinking and carrying glasses or bottles into the pool area is strictly forbidden.


Running, pushing, chasing and games are not permitted in the pool area.


Swimmers must not dive or jump into the shallow water at the ends of the pool where the water depth is only 1.2M.


Swimmers should not wear spectacles, face masks or flippers in the pool.


Only kickboards and buoys are permitted in the pool.


Sun tan lotion is allowed on the pool deck. However, swimmers must use the shower before entering the pool.


The pool can accommodate a maximum of 350 people and when this figure is reached, a "FULL HOUSE" notice will be posted at the swimming pool entrance. No person will be allowed to enter the pool until such time as vacancies are available.


The whole pool, or part of it may be closed during certain periods for classes, training or competitions. Advance notification of these sessions will be posted on the noticeboard at the swimming pool entrance.


The pool may be closed without notice in the event of adverse weather conditions.


No unauthorized Private Coaching is permitted at the pool.

Remarks: The maintenance and operation of the swimming pool is required to conform with the Public Health Services Ordinance Cap. 132, Swimming Pool By-Laws. The above regulations are designed to supplement these by-laws, for the comfort, safety and convenience of all users. To make best use of the facility, users are requested to co-operate and adhere to the regulations.