Interpersonal Relation Series

No man is an island. Join the workshops and master the basic skills and concepts of developing interpersonal relation and enjoy the life-long friendship you are going to make here.

Workshops ("Workshop Schedule")

Chemistry Behind Love
We have all experienced love. We love our family, our friends and even pets. Yet, romantic love is different. It has its own distinctive feel; it is an intense and new feeling which is different from other types of love. Before you begin a romantic relationship, you may wish to start by understanding some basics of romantic relationship. This workshop aims to introduce the basic but often overlooked elements of love. You will learn about the ingredients of attraction, different stages of relationship, and more importantly, what makes a healthy relationship.

Searching for Your Dream One
Folklore says love is blind. How to differentiate between friendship and romantic love? How to choose a suitable mate? What to do in dating? The workshop will help you better prepare yourself for the romantic relationship. Come to find your own answers.

Spice for Love
Communication seems easy. You have been talking since we were a child, and it comes naturally most of the time. Nevertheless, the key to intimacy or have a better intimat relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. In this workshop, you will learn some listening skills and self-expression techniques, aiming at improving your intimate relationship. They will help you (1) to understand precisely what the other person is thinking and feeling and (2) to express your feelings more clearly and effectively.

Managing Interpersonal Stress
Stress can occur in any kind of relationship. It is inevitable to feel frustrated, upset, misunderstood or even angry toward others due to differences in values, background or by miscommunication. Most of the time, the bad feelings arising from interpersonal relationships come and go. Yet, there are times the bad feelings last for a longer time and may affect our daily life. This workshop aims to help you understand what causes interpersonal stress, how to avoid it and how to manage it when it occurs.