Steps in the Workflow

1. Project Initialization

Project Manager Activities Outcome/Output Project Sponsor Activities
1.1 Estimate the project size & budget
- It is a preliminary study of the project objectives, scope, requirements, resource and budget.
Estimated Project
Size & Budget   >>
1.2 Agree on the estimated project size & budget
1.3 If resource is required for conducting a preliminary study, write a project proposal for preliminary study and submit it for getting resource. Project Proposal for
Preliminary Study  >>
1.4 Assess and approve the Project Proposal
- Justify the resource required for the preliminary study
1.5 If the project proposal gets approval, conduct the preliminary study and collect data for writing a project charter. <<   Approved Project Proposal
1.6 Write and submit a Project Charter Lite/Project Charter
- The Project Charter defines the business objectives, scope, requirements, resource, budget, and the baselines (scope, time, & cost) of the project.
Project Charter Lite/
Project Charter   >>
1.7 Assess and approve the Project Charter
- Verify the completeness of the business objectives, scope, requirements and justify resource, budget, the baselines of the project
1.9 Conduct a Kickoff meeting
- Involve all project members
- Invite all stakeholders
- Explain the project objectives, scope, requirements, resource, budget, schedule, and baselines
- Answer questions and collect feedback
<<   Approved Project Charter 1.8 Get Budget Approval from the Finance Office
- Assist for budget approval
- Align with budget arrangement
*** Please note that project approval and budget approval may rest with different
authority in the University. The prevailing policies and practices should be followed.

2. Project Planning

Project Manager Activities Outcome/Output Project Sponsor Activities
2.1 Plan project execution details and confirm project baselines
- Elaborate the project details, activities, deliverable, and budget management.
Project Baselines including
WBS and Budget Plan   >>
2.5 Confirm and Approve the revised project charter and baselines, project management documents, and plans.
2.2 For projects with many stakeholders, produce the Communication Plan and Roles & Responsibilities
- It is useful for promoting better communication, involvement, and engagement of the stakeholders.
Communication Plan, and
Roles & Responsibilities   >>
2.3 For projects that will last over a year, it is better to write a project management plan.
- It will help for better tracking of project progress along the long project period.
Project Management Plan   >>
2.4 If there are any changes in the baselines in project planning, revise the Project Charter and attach the planning details, such as WBS and Budget Plan.
- Any changes in the baselines should be reflected in the Project Charter Lite/Project Charter.
- Notify the changes to all stakeholders.
Revised Project Charter   >>

3. Project Execution, Control, and Monitoring

Project Manager Activities Outcome/Output Project Sponsor Activities
3.1 Manage the execution of the planned activities, monitor and report progress frequently Project Progress Report   >> 3.2 Review and react against the reported project progress
3.3 Produce project deliverable Project Deliverable   >> 3.4 Verify and accept deliverable, provide feedback frequently
3.5 For any identified project risks, manage project risks and update risk register
- All risks should be recorded with the corresponding risk response/strategy to avoid, mitigate or transfer the risks.
Risk Register   >> 3.6 Review the project risk management status
3.7 For any changes that may affect the project baselines, raise change requests
- There should have a change log for the project for recording all applied changes, although the change may not affect the baselines.
Change Request   >> 3.8 Assess and Approve change requests
3.9 Update the project charter and manage the implementation of the changes
- Notify the changes to all stakeholders
<<   Accepted Change Request
3.10 File rejected change requests for reference <<   Rejected Change Request

4. Project Closing

Project Manager Activities Outcome/Output Project Sponsor Activities
4.1 Verify Project Deliverable
- Ensure the verified deliverable are deployed accordingly
Project Deliverable   >> 4.2 Accept Project Deliverable
4.3 Close the project
- Conclude all deliverable
- Conclude resource utilization
- Conclude outstanding contracts if any
- Archive all project artifacts
Project Archive & Post
Project Review Report  >>
4.5 Accept project closure and the post project review report
4.4 Conduct a Post Project Review
- Involve all project members
- Invite all stakeholders
- Conclude the project outcomes
- Identify lessons learnt