The Project Management Process Groups

The PMO Practices of Central IT include a collection of templates to help and guide the management of the IT projects. As defined by PMI, a project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. And a project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. As Central IT has many small and quick projects that basically will last within six months, we define two types of projects, small projects and formal projects. Small projects will go through a simplified workflow, while formal projects need to follow a comprehensive workflow. We define the criteria for being "small projects" as follows:

  • The project duration must be within SIX months,
  • and the project manpower must be within SIX person-months,
  • and the project cost must be within ONE MILLION Hong Kong dollards.

The usage of the templates and their relationships with the process groups are described as shown in the following section. They are also mapped with the project management processes of PMBOK 5 and ISO21500:2012 so that the standards can be easily referenced and correlated to the templates.

Project Initialization

Processes and Activities Related Templates & Guides
For small projects:
 - Develop a Project Charter Lite

- Project Charter Lite Template
For formal projects:
 - If resource is required for a preliminary study,
   write a Preliminary Project Proposal
 - Develop a Project Charter and get it approved
 - Conduct a Kickoff meeting

- Preliminary Project Proposal Template
- Project Charter Template
- Kickoff Meeting Agenda Guide

Project Planning

Processes and Activities Related Templates & Guides
The following are part of the baselines of any project. For small projects, a simple WBS and budget plan could be attached with the Project Charter Lite as the appendix.
 - Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
 - Develop a Budget Plan & Budget Schedule

- WBS and WBS dictionary Template
- Budget Plan Template
For those projects with the project duration over one year or subject to the demand of the sponsor:
 - Develop a formal Project Management Plan

- Project Management Plan Template
For those projects with many stakeholders or subject to the demand of the sponsor:
 - Develop a Communication Plan
 - Develop Roles & Responsibilities for IT Projects
 - Develop Roles & Responsibilities for Agile or Scrum Projects

- Communication Plan Template
- R & R Tempate for IT Projects
- R & R Template for Agile or Scrum Projects

Project Execution

Processes and Activities Related Templates & Guides
 - Execute the planned activities
 - Develop & Execute Test Plans
 - Assess, register, and respond risks
 - Raise Change Requests for any changes, particularly if the scope, schedule, budget, or quality will be affected.
- Test Plan Guide
- Risk Register Template
- Change Request Template

Project Control and Monitoring

Processes and Activities Related Templates & Guides
 - Report Project Progress (Monthly)
 - Approve or reject change requests
  • Update the Project Charter
  • Update the Budget Plan
  • Update the WBS and WBS Dictionary
  • Update the Project Management Plan
- Project Progress Report Template
- Project Progress Report Lite Template

Project Closing

Processes and Activities Related Templates & Guides
 - Get User Acceptance and deploy the system
 - Submit Operation and Contingency Manual
 - Close all contracts if any
 - Conduct Post Project Review
 - Produce a Post Project Review Report
 - Compile & archive project documents and artifacts as the PMO asset.

- Post Project Review Guide
- Post Project Review Report Template