Applications Examples of Atom Probe Tomography

High-resolution atom map

Grain boundary

Nanoscale precipitate


Complex phase

Radiation defect
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Applications: Advanced Structural and Functional Materials

Steels Superalloys Nano-glass Dislocations
Ti Alloys Biominerals Coating/thin film Nuclear Materials
Al Alloys Ni-based Alloys High Entropy Alloys Grain/twin boundaries
Mg Alloys Zr-based Alloys Bulk Metallic Glasses Precipitates and clusters


Applications Notes

- Correlative analysis - Carbon segregation with LEAP & STEM  > Download pdf (1.8MB)
- Grain boundary analysis - Analysis of Ni-based Super Alloy 600  > Download pdf (2.5MB)
- Grain boundary analysis - Analysis of Ultrafine Grained Light Alloys > Download pdf (2.0MB)
- Nuclear - Nanoscale features providing radiation damage resistance > Download pdf (1.6MB)
- Geology - Analysis of a 4.4 billion year old zircon > Download pdf (2.2MB)
- Semiconductor - 3D analysis of a 28nm node S/D region > Download pdf (1.8MB)
- LED device engineering - A case study in competitive analysis > Download pdf (1.6MB)
- Optical fiber - Analysis of Dielectric Nanoparticles > Download pdf (1.5MB)
- Fuel cells - APT of perovskite materials > Download pdf (417 Kb)
- Solar cells - Characterization of buried interfaces in CIGSSe > Download pdf (469 Kb)
- 3D FinFET - Sample prep & 3D analysis of a 14 nm Device > Download pdf (799 Kb)
- Biological apatites - Interfaces and interphases in tooth enamel > Dowload pdf (403 Kb)
- Synergistic t-EBSD/TDK &APT Grain Boundary Analysis > Download file (1.7MB)
- Optoelectronics: Dopant Distribution in ALD-grown ZnO > Download pdf (1.7MB)