Below is a list of equipment that staff can book online and use it for their work. In the current practice, only people who have been trained by the technical staff and are able to operate the machines can access the online booking system. Therefore, for those who want to access the booking system, they should approach the technical staff of this lab, obtained proper training and then the technical staff will create a login account for them.

For enquiry, please contact Dr. J. H. LUAN at the lab at +852 3442-6542 or email at or WeChat: junhluan.

Office Hour: 09:00 - 18:00 (Monday to Friday)

Booking System of 3D Atom Probe (Data Acquisition)

Charge rate:

City University of HK:

$ 500 HKD/hour

Other HK Universities:

$ 600 HKD/hour

Overseas Universities:

$ 1200 HKD/hour (50% discount for co-author )

Hong Kong Industries:

$ 2000 HKD/hour

Overseas Industries:

$ 2500 HKD/hour

Booking Rules for APT: At least 1 hour each time.

Booking System of Focused Ion Beam (Sample Preparation)

Charge rate: Staff-Assistant for Sample Preparation

City University of HK:

$ 500/hour

Other Universities:

$ 1200/hour (50% discount for co-author)

Hong Kong Industries:

$ 2000/hour

Overseas Industries:

$ 2500/hour


Booking Rules for FIB: Block of 4 hours per session: 8:00-12:00; 12:00-16:00

The Tip for APT Analysis

For example:

Charge hour

FIB: APT sample preparation


Block of 4 hours per session: 8:00-12:00; 12:00-16:00

APT data acquisition
2~8 hrs for run one APT tip
Discount for collaboration