CityU School of Law Held Online Admission Talk for Postgraduate Programmes 2023 Entry


To help prospective applicants learn more about our School and receive the latest information about entrance requirements of our postgraduate programmes, CityU School of Law held an admission talk via GTER (寄託天下) on 28 March 2023. The talk was attended by Dr DING Chunyan (Associate Dean), Dr Lauren Yu-Hsin LIN (Master of Laws Programme Director), Dr Christopher TO Wing (Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Programme Director) and Dr Sara TSUI Fung Ling (Juris Doctor Programme Associate Director), and it attracted nearly a thousand participants.

Dr DING started the talk by introducing the CityU School of Law. Then, Dr LIN, Dr TO and Dr TSUI introduced the Master of Laws, Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and Juris Doctor programmes respectively in detail regarding aspects of the curricula, scholarships, admission requirements, etc.

Five students and alumni were also invited to join the talk to share their study experience.

The talk was rounded off by a Q&A session. Participants enthusiastically joined the discussion by posting questions to presenters who answered them in real time. Questions covered scholarshipsEnglish language requirements, different streams of the programme, etc.

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香港城市大學(城大)法律學院於 20233 28 日在寄託天下(GTER)通過線上直播方式舉行了研究生課程招生宣講會。幫助有志報讀城大法律學院的學子詳細瞭解學院的教學特色以及本年度的研究生招生要求。是次宣講會邀請了法律學院副院長丁春豔博士、法學碩士課程主任林郁馨博士、法學碩士(仲裁及爭議解決學)課程主任陶榮博士以及法律博士課程副主任徐鳳翎博士主講,並吸引了近1000人參與。