A global horizon scan of issues impacting marine and coastal biodiversity conservation

Involved Members: Dr. Moriaki YASUHARA

Marine and coastal ecosystems are undergoing new problems that still lack scientific research and understanding, and can have an impact on biodiversity. In the inaugural Marine and Coastal Horizons Scan by scientists, 15 horizon issues of three categories were ultimately identified, including large-scale alterations to marine ecosystems, changes to resource use and extraction, and emergence of new technologies. The scan was held to confirm potential emerging issues that could significantly affect the functioning and conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity in the next 5-10 years. The results of this scanning strongly contributes to raising public awareness, promoting relevant marine research, and pressing policymakers to take appropriate actions.


Herbert-Read, J.E., Thornton, A., Amon, D.J., Birchenough, S.N., Côté, I.M., Dias, M.P., Godley, B.J., Keith, S.A., McKinley, E., Peck, L.S., Calado, R., Defeo, O., Degraer, S., Johnston, E.L., Kaartokallio, H., Macreadie, P.I., Metaxas, A., Muthumbi, A.W.N., Obura, D.O., Paterson, D.M., Piola, A.R., Richardson, A.J., Schloss, I.R., Snelgrove, P.V.R., Stewart, B.D., Thompson, P.M., Watson, G.J., Worthington, T.A., Yasuhara, M., Sutherland, T.A. (2022). A Global Horizon Scan of Issues Impacting Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Conservation. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 6(9), 1262-1270. (impact factor 19.100)

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