SKLMP Members

Name Affiliation Email
Prof. Chak Keung CHAN CityU Contact Me
Dr. Leo Lai CHAN CityU Contact Me
Prof. Shuk Han CHENG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Siu Gin CHEUNG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Henry Yuhe HE CityU Contact Me
Dr. Vincent Chi Chiu KO CityU Contact Me
Dr. Richard Yuen Chong KONG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Brian Chin Wing KOT CityU Contact Me
Dr. Chun Kit KWOK CityU Contact Me
Dr. Ball Keng Po LAI CityU Contact Me
Dr. Jason Chun Ho LAM CityU Contact Me
Dr. Patrick Kwan Hon LEE CityU Contact Me
Prof. Michael Kwok Hi LEUNG CityU Contact Me
Prof. Kenneth Mei Yee LEUNG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Theodora Ern Mei NAH CityU Contact Me
Dr. Phoebe Yuefei RUAN CityU Contact Me
Prof. Nora Fung Yee TAM CityU Contact Me
Prof. Wenxiong WANG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Vicky Jiajun WU CityU Contact Me
Dr. Mae Meng YAN CityU Contact Me
Prof. Michael Mengsu YANG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Ruquan YE CityU Contact Me
Prof. Peter Kwan Ngok YU CityU Contact Me
Prof. Xiaoling ZHANG CityU Contact Me
Dr. Apple Pui Yi CHUI CUHK Contact Me
Dr. Laura Jane FALKENBERG CUHK Contact Me
Dr. Frank Chi Chiu CHEANG EduHK Contact Me
Dr. Jinping CHENG EduHK Contact Me
Prof. Keith Wing Kei HO EduHK Contact Me
Dr. Chris Yiu Fai TSANG EduHK Contact Me
Prof. Rudolf Shiu Sun WU EduHK Contact Me
Prof. Jianwen QIU HKBU Contact Me
Prof. Chris Kong Chu WONG HKBU Contact Me
Dr. Jianlin CHEN HKMU Contact Me
Prof. Paul Kwan Sing LAM HKMU Contact Me
Prof. Fred Wang Fat LEE HKMU Contact Me
Dr. James Kar Hei FANG PolyU Contact Me
Dr. Yi JIANG PolyU Contact Me
Dr. Nathanael Ling JIN PolyU Contact Me
Prof. Xiangdong LI PolyU Contact Me
Dr. Alessandro STOCCHINO PolyU Contact Me
Prof. Jianping GAN HKUST Contact Me
Prof. Hongbin LIU HKUST Contact Me
Prof. Xiaoyan LI HKU Contact Me
Dr. Celia Marei SCHUNTER HKU Contact Me
Dr. Vengatesen THIYAGARAJAN HKU Contact Me
Dr. Jin WU HKU Contact Me
Dr. Moriaki YASUHARA HKU Contact Me
Prof. Tong ZHANG HKU Contact Me


International Advisory Committee

Name Position Affiliation
Dr. Donald M. ANDERSON Chairman Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Prof. Bryan W. BROOKS Member Baylor University
Prof. Fei CHAI Member The University of Maine
Prof. Jay Jianying GAN Member The University of California, Riverside
Prof. John P. GIESY Member University of Saskatchewan
Prof. David E. HINTON Member Duke University
Prof. Jerald L. SCHNOOR Member The University of Lowa


Academic Committee

Name Position Affiliation
Prof. Minhan DAI Chairman State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University
Prof. Huasheng HONG Member State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University
Prof. Guibin JIANG Member State Key Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology
Prof. Fengchang WU Member Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Prof. Eddy Yongping ZENG Member School of Environment, Jinan University
Prof. Gan ZHANG Member State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry (SKLOG)
Prof. Xiaowei ZHANG Member School of the Environment, Nanjing University
Prof. Tong ZHU Member State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, Peking University