Research Highlights

Characterizing the Host Coral Proteome-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Members: Dr. Leo Lai CHAN

Stony corals form the foundation of coral reefs, which are of prominent ecological and economic significance. A robust workflow for investigating the coral proteome is essential in understanding coral biology. Here we investigated different preparative workflows and characterized the…

Recovery of tropical marine benthos-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Members: Prof. Kenneth Mei Yee LEUNG, Prof. Jianwen QIU

Bottom trawling has been banned in some jurisdictions to mitigate the problems of habitat destruction and overfishing. However, most reports about trawling impacts originate from temperate latitudes, and recovery of macrobenthos from trawl ban has hardly…

Distinct interaction effects of warming and anthropogenic input-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Member: Prof. Hongbin LIU

The diatom to dinoflagellate ratio (Diatom/Dino) has long been used as a benchmark to indicate the optimal level of a marine ecosystem. While diatoms usually grow in less polluted water, the toxin secreted by dinoflagellates can kill fish and cause hypoxia in coastal waters.…

Understanding plastic degradation-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Members: Dr. James Kar Hei FANG, Prof. Paul Kwan Sing LAM

Plastic waste are introduced into the environment inevitably and their exposure in the environment causes deterioration in mechanical and physicochemical properties and leads to the formation of plastic fragments, which are considered as microplastics…

Hydrophobic Surface Coating-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Members: Prof. Kenneth Mei Yee LEUNG, Prof. Xiaoyan LI

Current toxicity assessment of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) seldom considers the impacts of surface modification while it is a common practice in commercial products. Therefore, we evaluated the toxicities of ZnO-NPs with three different silane…

MnO2-Based Materials-cmyk
Posted19 Aug 2022

Involved Member: Dr. Ruquan YE

A review paper has summarized recent research progress in the modification of MnO2 single species by morphology control, structure construction, facet engineering, and element doping. The design and fabrication of MnO2-based composites via the construction of…