Course Descriptions

MSc in Applied Physics

To complete the programme, students have to acquire a total of 30 credit units (CUs), of which 18 CUs must be acquired from core courses in graduate level applied physics and the remaining 12 CUs can be acquired from a list of elective courses which are structured for advanced applied physics in the specialized areas of General Advanced Physics, Energy Materials Physics and Biomedical Physics.

Core courses (18 credit units)
PHY5501 Modern Characterization Techniques for Materials Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6501 Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement Methods for Experimental Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6502 Advanced Computational Methods  (3 CUs)
PHY6503 Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers (3 CUs)
PHY6504 Physics at Nanoscale  (3 CUs)
PHY6505 Modern Topics in Engineering and Applied Physics  (3 CUs)


Elective courses (12 credit units)
PHY6180 Modern Scattering Methods in Materials Science (3 CUs)
PHY6251 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (3 CUs)
PHY6252 Statistical Mechanics (3 CUs)
PHY6254 Fundamentals of Laser Optics (3 CUs)
PHY6506 Advanced Electrodynamics (3 CUs)
PHY6521 Advanced Solid State Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6522 Advanced Imaging Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6523 Advanced Nuclear Medicine Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6524 Advanced Radiotherapy Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6525 Advanced Wave Functional Materials for Energy Applications (3 CUs)
PHY6526 Energy Materials: Physics and Applications (3 CUs)
PHY6527 Environmental Physics (3 CUs)
PHY6528 Advanced Research in Applied Physics (9 CUs)


*Course offering subject to change.