Popular Science Talk: Quantum Technology (量子科技)

​​​​Prof. Hoi interacts with students

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Quantum mechanics successfully explains the atomic world. In the past, quantum mechanics was only explored by scientists in the laboratory. Nowadays, big companies, such as Google and IBM, have put a lot of effort into developing quantum computers, transferring science to technology. Just like transistors, quantum technology will revolutionise today’s technology.

Professor Io Chun Hoi delivered a science talk on the topic of “Quantum Technology” to the S.3-S.5 students from Ying Wa College on 20 October 2023 during their morning assembly. The insights and knowledge from Prof Hoi have broadened the students' understanding of quantum technology, and Prof Hoi's ability to explain complex concepts with high clarity left a lasting impact on their academic and scientific journey.

Also, the engaging manner in which Prof Hoi interacted with the students during the Q&A session was highly commendable. The students expressed their newfound interest in quantum technology and shared their eagerness to explore this field further.

The College of Science at City University of Hong Kong offers a wide range of Popular Science Talks for secondary school students. If you are a secondary school teacher interested in hosting a physics popular science talk, please visit here to learn more about it. Don’t miss this opportunity to guide you through the past, present and future of quantum! 

1 November 2023  #PHY  #outreach_activities