CityU Physics Showcases the Joy of Physics at Undergraduate Information Day 2023

CityU held a successful Undergraduate Information Day 2023 on 7 October 2023 (Saturday), despite Typhoon Signal No.3. The event attracted a lot of students and parents with a series of activities such as admission talks, student sharing, and laboratory visits. Participants discovered the joy of physics while exploring future study and career pathways.

The Department of Physics was thrilled to welcome attendees in person and share insights into the learning experiences at CityU. Our faculty, students, and alumni enjoyed the meaningful exchange with the young participants and motivated them to chase their aspirations. Nonetheless, the day was filled with exciting events that showcased the fun side of Physics.

The highlight of the day was the Admission Talk titled “An Introduction to BSc Physics: Admission Information and Job Prospects + Students Sharing”, which was delivered by Professor Wing Chi Yu and students. The talk provided in-depth information on the curriculum, admission requirements, scholarships, exchange opportunities, and job opportunities for physics graduates. The speakers also shared their personal experiences and insights on studying and learning in physics-related fields.

The participants also had a chance to visit three different laboratories and witness some of the cutting-edge research and innovation projects conducted by the department:

  • Innovation Technology in Physics – Demonstrations on Magnetic Levitation and 3D Imaging
  • AIstain – AI image Generation for Pathology
  • Ferromagnetic Resonance of Yttrium Iron Garnet Sphere

The Undergraduate Information Day 2023 was a testament to the dedication of the Department Head and all participating faculties who worked tirelessly to promote the Physics programme to future talents, as well as to inspire and attract potential students who are interested in pursuing physics as their major or career. The department expressed its gratitude to all the faculty members, students, alumni, and staff who contributed to the success of the event. A special mention goes out to all student helpers who ensured the smooth operation of the Information Day, despite multiple functions held during both morning and afternoon sessions.

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