Japan Study Tour 2023

A group of 12 CityU undergraduate students majoring in Physics recently completed an eye-opening study tour to prominent scientific institutions in Japan. The group, led by two faculty members of the Department (Prof Denver Li and Prof Rosie Chu), embarked on a remarkable journey to the University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and J-PARC, where they explored cutting-edge research and fostered international collaborations.

PHY Undergraduate Students Embark on Inspiring Study Tour to Japanese Research Labs

During their study tour, which took place from 4 June to 10 June 2023, the students had the privilege of immersing themselves in the forefront of scientific advancements at renowned institutions. At the University of Tokyo, they visited prestigious labs, including Prof Iwasa's lab, Prof Kawasaki's lab, and Prof Saitoh's lab in the Department of Applied Physics. These visits provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to interact with eminent researchers and gain insights into their groundbreaking work in various fields, such as materials science, condensed matter physics, spintronics, and quantum computing, which are all current frontiers of modern physics research.

Continuing their journey, the students visited RIKEN, one of Japan's foremost research institutions. There, they had the honor of exploring Prof Yamamoto's lab and Prof Kawasaki's lab. These visits allowed the students to engage with leading scientists and delve into interdisciplinary materials research. The students witnessed firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge experiments being conducted at RIKEN, providing them with a deep understanding of the forefront of scientific research.

A highlight of the study tour was the visit to J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex), a premier facility for high-intensity particle acceleration. The students were captivated by the immense potential of J-PARC, as they observed experiments in progress and learned about the facility's pivotal role in exploring fundamental particles, nuclear physics, and material science. This experience at J-PARC further expanded their knowledge and appreciation for the advancements in particle physics and accelerator technology.

Prof Rosie Chu, one of the professors who led the group, expressed her excitement regarding the potential for the students to establish future collaboration with esteemed Japanese research labs, saying, “The emerging opportunity for our students to work alongside renowned researchers in labs at the University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and witness the cutting-edge experiments at J-PARC is truly extraordinary. It not only broadens their scientific knowledge but also fosters valuable international collaborations that will shape their future endeavors.”

Upon a special invitation, Prof Denver Li gave a research seminar in the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo. Prof Li’s research work had already garnered significant attention from a few eminent professors at the University of Tokyo. As he presented his findings, the seminar sparked a vibrant exchange of ideas and discussions, leading to new and brilliant scientific collaborations on the horizon. During the visit to RIKEN, the group also had the chance to meet with Prof Ivan Borzenets, our department’s Adjunct Professor. The interaction with Prof Borzenets further enriched the students’ understanding of the research landscape and fostered a deeper connection between our department and RIKEN.

Beyond the academic aspect, the study tour also included cultural visits, allowing the students to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Tokyo and immerse themselves in Japan's rich heritage. They explored historical landmarks, indulged in traditional Japanese cuisine, and engaged in cultural activities, fostering a deeper appreciation for the country's unique traditions and customs.

The Department extends its heartfelt appreciation to the University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and J-PARC for warmly welcoming the students into their labs and facilitating these invaluable experiences. The department also commends the faculty members who accompanied the students, providing guidance and support throughout the journey. Department of Physics at City University of Hong Kong is committed to fostering excellence in education and research in the field of physics. With a focus on interdisciplinary studies and global collaborations, the department aims to nurture students' scientific curiosity and equip them with the skills needed to tackle future scientific challenges.

16 Oct 2023