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Colloquium: Materials and interface design for high energy density secondary batteries


The ever-growing energy demands for portable electronics and electric vehicles, are hastening the exploration of high-energy-density electrode materials. Metallic Li is an indispensable electrode material in high-energy-density batteries like Li-S, Li-O2 batteries towards the post Li-ion battery era. However, owing to the tough problems of dendritic Li growth and huge dimension fluctuation during cycling together with the basic problems of sulfur electrode and air electrode, such higher energy density battery systems are suffered undesirable cycling lifespan and low safety and still far beyond practical application. All-solid-state battery design, replacing the flammable organic liquid electrolytes with inorganic solid electrolytes, is a good solution to the safety performance of conventional liquid ion batteries and is recognized as prospective next-generation battery technologies. In this presentation, I will focus on various solid electrolyte-based lithium and sodium batteries. Combination or modification of the inorganic electrolytes and different soft electrolytes are proved effective to depress the interface polarization and greatly suppress the shuttle effect of the batteries. Wetting behavior of active materials are imperative to the electrochemical performance of solid batteries and different interfacial modifiers are therefore employed in-situ or ex-situ in the batteries. Different strategies to optimize the solid electrolytes are also described in the presentation.


Dr Zhaoyin Wen, a full professor of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS). Now he serves as the director of the Energy Materials Research Center of SICCAS. He was elected as the president of the Asian Society for Solid State Ionics as well as the president of the solid state Ionics Branch of Chinese Ceramics Society. His recent research interests include solid electrolytes, such as solid Li+, Na+, H+ ion conductors, advanced secondary batteries like sodium sulfur battery, sodium chloride battery, lithium sulfur battery, Li-air battery and all solid state lithium batteries. He has so far published more than 340 research papers in refereed journals with more than 9000 citations with a h-index of 49. He applied for more than 110 patents, over 70 of which have been licensed. His achievements on high capacity sodium sulfur battery and scalable production technology won the first prize of Technological Invention of Shanghai in 2012. He has transferred two sets of technologies of high energy density batteries to enterprises. He was selected as the member of Asian Pacific Academy of Materials in 2016. He and his research team won a number of honors from national governmental department, Shanghai municipality and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now he is also an adjunct professor of the University of Science and Technology of China and the Shanghai Tech University.


Event Details
Dr Zhaoyin Wen
Full Professor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS)

Date & Time
27 September 2019 3:00 pm

G4302 Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong

Dr LIU Qi (3442 7808) email: