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Uniform controllability of semidiscrete hyperbolic equations via moment problems

Professor Ionel ROVENTA
Date & Time
01 Mar 2023 (Wed) | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Online via Zoom
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We consider a finite-difference semi-discrete scheme for the approximation of controls of one-dimensional evolution problems of hyperbolic type. In general, the continuous problem is controllable but the high frequency numerical spurious oscillations, introduced by the numerical scheme, lead to a loss of the uniform (with respect to the mesh size) controllability property of the semi-discrete model in the natural setting. For all initial data in the natural energy space, if we filter the high frequencies of these initial data or if we add a numerical vanishing viscosity, we restore the uniform controllability. Moreover, in the case of boundary controls of the wave equation we obtain a relation between the range of filtration and the minimal time of control needed to ensure the uniform controllability property. The main strategy consist of proving the equivalence between a control problem and a problem of moments and constructing explicit solutions to the later problem by using biorthogonal sequences.