EasyService - Borrow DIY

EasyService is available in the Library! EasyService is in fact self-service. The Library is introducing different EasyService in phases to empower its users to check out library materials by themselves. It's fast, easy and private!

All CityU and SCOPE smartcard holders (staff and students) as well as barcode library card (e.g. JULAC Card, Alumni Library Card, Friends of the Library Membership Card) holders with borrowing privileges can make use of the different EasyService.

EasyService can be found at the following locations:

Locations of EasyService

Circulation Counter & Law Collection Area

All circulation books, except short loan items, can be checked out by the users themselves with the two sets of SelfCheck units at the Circulation Counter and one set at Law Collection Area. The SelfCheck units are barcode-operated. Users need to scan the barcode of each book one by one according to the instructions on screen. The SelfCheck units are available anytime the Library is open.

3M SelfCheck
Circulation Counter

Law SelfCheck
Law Collection Area

Semi-Closed Collection Room


The EasyService inside the Semi-Closed Collection Room is self-developed by the Library and the Wireless Communications Research Centre of the University. The system is branded as the EasyCheck System™ and is developed with the RFID technology that makes borrowing multiple items in one single transaction possible. All materials inside the Semi-Closed Collection Room must be checked out and returned via the EasyCheck System™ and the System is available whenever the Collection Room is open.