Alumni Library Services

The Library offers fee-based services to alumni with City University of Hong Kong (or the former City Polytechnic of Hong Kong) academic awards upon successful application. An alumni member, who hold a valid CityU Alumni Card (issued by the Alumni Relations Office, ARO), is welcome to subscribe for Library Alumni Services: either as a Borrower or a Reader.

Under the One Patron One Library Privilege Policy, all alumni who are currently CityU students and/or serving staff will not be allowed to apply for or renew any Alumni Library Services, including free e-resources services. Yet, SCOPE staff/students who are alumni may subscribe to our free e-resources service.

Please note that the Alumni Library Services are privileges but not rights. All alumni have to accept the Conditions of Use when they apply for any of the Alumni Library Services. The Library reserves the right not to approve and/or renew any applications for library services by any individual based on his or her past conduct in the Library and to maintain that restriction for as long as deemed appropriate by the Library.

Please also note that as the primary mission of the Library is to support the curriculum and research of the University, the needs of our current students and faculty receive priority over the needs of other users. Due to limited space and resources, some facilities including selected PC workstations are only available to current students and staff. Access to some databases is also limited to current students and staff because of licensing agreements.

Messages to students who are graduating in the Current Academic Year

If you are a to-be-graduate of the current academic year, please note that the Library has extended your access and borrowing privileges one month beyond the expiry date of your student status to provide you with the convenience to settle outstanding matters with the Library. You may wish to wait until the end of the extended period before starting your subscription to the above services.