Special Booking Arrangement for CREATE! users

Please note that reservations of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, Project Mapping, and Physical Computer Kit services cannot be made using the Booking System at the moment. To reserve, please send email to libemt@cityu.edu.hk or call us at 3442 6963, and specify your desired date and timeslot for a particular service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Law Collection

The Law Collection and Services Section was established in 1988 to serve users with legal information needs. Located in the Purple Zone of the Library, we provide law collection consisting of primary sources of law and secondary legal materials, in both print and electronic formats. There are also two special collections, namely, the English Law Special Collection and Chinese Legal History Special Collection. In terms of services, we offer legal reference services, and teaching and learning support. On the facilities and equipment side, there are meeting rooms for faculty members and students. The Section is also equipped with different kinds of workstations, network printers and photocopier. Users can access to various wireless LAN services.