Conference Salon

Open Systems is a student-led salon. It is an exhibition and social platform presented in dialogue with the ISCMA Symposium. Featuring  works by PhD students at the School of Creative Media, the exhibition showcases  the diverse practices and concepts within computational media art, including games, dance, video, installation, VR, 3D scanning and 3D printing. The salon also features an open space for artist talks, panel discussions, screenings, demos and social gatherings taking place throughout the conference.

Drawing from computing and systems theory, Open Systems suggests a network of social relations in an open and porous relationship to the world. Through the creation of a dialogic space, Open Systems presents an informal setting for the production of shared knowledge in a collaborative process. Notions of self-organization and participation suggest a concept of space that is collectively created through social gathering and discursive engagement – presenting an alternative format to traditional academic conferences. Visitors are welcome to join in on events and suggest topics for discussion.

The exhibition features works and projects by: Eugenia Kim; Gyung Jin Shin; Ann Mak; Lukasz Mirocha; Yeon-Kyoung Lim; Tobias Klein and Kyle Chung; Zimu Zhang and Zheng Lu Xinyuan; Peter Nelson, Andrew Luk and Alexis Mailles; Lisa Park SoYoung and Minka Stoyanova; Yujia Zhang, Zhouye Sun and Qing Xue. 

The Salon will be held from 4th-13th January 2019 at Singing Waves Gallery, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong. Please visit the Salon website for full programme updates.

The Co-Curators of the Salon are Ashley Lee Wong and Mariana Perez-Bobadilla.

Design sponsor: N7 communication.

Special thanks: Eugenia Kim, Hong Zeng, Megan Marie Olinger, Hoi Choi, Chilai Howard Cheng, Andrew Crowe (MetaObjects), Yu Hao, Sophie Kwan and Ying Ki Yip.