Conference Salon

The Student-led Salon/Workshop Space is a conceptual extension of the whole Symposium. It gives PhD students the opportunity to explore different perspectives and approaches to computational media art, including but not limited to the conference core theme of Machine Learning and Art and the topics of the Open Call Conference.

The Salon will provide an opportunity for students to exhibit creative works as well as to showcase posters illustrating student research.

In the spirit of the Symposium, the student-led Salon / Workshop Space offers a platform for academics, conference speakers, established and emerging artists to interact as they investigate and present their work on computational media art in an informal atmosphere.

The Student-led Salon will be held from 4th-7th January 2019 at Singing Waves Gallery, City University of Hong Kong.

Student-led Salon / Workshop Space Coordinators are Mariana Perez-Bobadilla and Ashley Lee Wong.