Empower: 藉着资金「强化」初创项目的发展




导师简介 (只提供英文版)


Kevin Brisebois

Kevin has spent the past 12 years in China, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley supporting integrated corporate hardware innovation and startup hardware founders design and scale custom manufacturing solutions. He started his career at Jabil the 3rd largest Contract Manufacturer globally & Radius Innovation and Development helping industry leading brands develop and scale complex hardware solutions. In 2018 Kevin joined Brinc, Hong Kong’s longest running and most active venture accelerator. Kevin mentors dozens of global founders annually on how to navigate the challenges of product development, identifying the right development and supply chain partners and how to effectively transition to manufacturing in China. Kevin is also an active mentor for the HKU iDendron programme and member of the British and American Chamber of Commerce Innovation & Technology Committees.

Nick Zieber

Nick co-founded EC Accelerate, a virtual accelerator and mentorship programme that reached more than one thousand founders in three years. He designed systems for customer onboarding, programme curriculum, project tracking, and sales operations. He has mentored founders on every stage of the product life cycle. For more than 10 years Nick has been involved in nurturing the tech & startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He works closely with founders, VCs, accelerators, and digital innovation teams to build strong, effective, enduring teams.