Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab
Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab

Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab is a new project under the C.A.R.E Lab of City University of Hong Kong,  aims at promoting cyber-joy on campus and providing cyberbullying prevention resources for undergraduates and academic staff in CityU.



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Are You at Risk in the Cyber World?



If you are interested to explore more about different projects related to aggression behaviour and victimisation of bullying, you are also welcome to visit the following websites: 

15 & 16 June 2022
Abstract submissions and Attendees registration are now being accepted for Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab – International Conference on Cyber and Face-to-face Aggression and Bullying 2022.
Jointly presented by Cyber Joy Enjoy Lab and Run Run Shaw Library, the Exhibition entitled “Travel to the Cyber Joy World: Think Before You Act” aims to enhance your digital literacy skills and enable you to navigate the cyber world safely and effectively.
18/2 - 10/4/2022
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To facilitate students' understanding of the different causes of cyber aggression, and encourage them to reflect on how we can spread love and care to others in the cyber world, CityU undergraduate students are invited to join our #Cyber-Joy IG Posts Design Competition!
Jointly presented by the Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab and the Run Run Shaw Library, the workshop aims to raise awareness of online aggression and equip you with the knowledge and skills to be a considerate and responsible internet user.