CityU is moving up in a city where East meets West while the world is becoming increasingly multicultural and interconnected. As a university renowned for its international outlook, CityU emphasises the mutual enrichment of different cultures, and believes that cultural exchanges create unity amid diversity.

The Cultural Exchange Oasis (CXO) was established in the spring of 2022 to help foster an inclusive environment on campus and beyond, further supporting the University as a leading global university with a diverse campus community.

As part of CityU's continued efforts to uphold its trajectory in the pursuit of internationalization, the CXO will organise a full range of cultural events and activities to engage the university community, friends, and the general public in experiences that will help us to understand and appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity, observe similarities in the differences among cultures, and acquire a wider perspective, looking outward and thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

We take pride to serve as a melting pot for world cultures to meet and mingle, for educational and cultural institutions to collaborate and build networks, and for students, staff and all stakeholders to connect and interact through cultural exchanges, while creating an inclusive campus and social environment.

Together, we celebrate cultural exchanges and forge unity in diversity.