Working Papers

1 CSHK工作論文系列-第一號- 一帶一路大事記
This is a baseline summary report on the chronology of B&R major events since 2013, as part of our background research findings. It summarizes and charts the evolution of the major actors and institutions of B&R and thus enables us to explain policy processes and outcomes through a historical analysis of these major events.
2 CSHK工作論文系列-第二號-「新時代新戰略新機遇:“一帶一路”建設董秘交流會議綜述」(“New Challenges and Opportunities in New Age: China Association of Public Companies Conference on Belt and Road Construction”)
This is a summary of our observations at a meeting on 27 November 2017 at Beijing in which our Centre Director Prof Linda Chelan Li gave an invited presentation of our work in relation to Hong Kong and B&R at the China Association of Public Companies. It summarizes the views by the senior executives of the member companies and Association officials at the meeting on the opportunities and challenges of infrastructure developments in B&R countries, the roles of Hong Kong in constructing a soft power hub for B&R and the practical experience of China public companies in B&R projects. Their insights and comments will further be evaluated and incorporated into our final products and report.
3 CSHK Working Paper 3 - Panel Discussions at CSHK Inaugural Seminar - A Detailed Summary
This is a detailed summary of the panel discussions at CSHK inaugural seminar.