Centre Members

CSHK Research Team

We are supported by a multi-disciplinary, cross-border research team:

Currently, we have recruited 1300+ friends/members of SusHK Hub and CSHK International Hub for Belt and Road.

Student Research Intern (SRI)

In 2017/18 Semester B, we have recruited 35 student research interns.
 By distribution of departments:
Department No. of SRI
Economics and Finance 22
Public Policy 11
Accountancy 2
In 2018/19 Semester A, we have recruited 33 student research interns.
 By distribution of departments:
Department No. of SRI
Energy and Environment 3
Mathematics 1
Management Sciences 5
Public Policy 5
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering 1
Economical and Finance 3
Laws 4
Accountancy 4
Asian and International studies 2
Applied Social Sciences 2
Architecture and Civil Engineering 1

Collaboration Partners (in alphabetical order)

CSHK International and Professional Advisers

Dr. Wilson Chan
Secretary, Belt and Road Global Development Alliance
Mr. Matthew Harrison
Former Research Director, HK Exchange
Professor Robert Melnick
Dean, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Professor Ngo Tak-Wing
Professor of Political Science, Macao University
Professor Su Hao
Professor, Foreign Affairs College, PRC
Mr. Yau Shing Mu
Former Under Secretary for Transport and Housing, HKSAR Government
Professor Christine Wong
Professor of Chinese Studies Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies,
University of Melbourne
Professor David S G Goodman
Vice President
Professor of China Studies Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University
Dr. Victor Hung
Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Hong Kong
  • Asian Academy of International Law
    • Legal sector gap analysis
  • Comprehensive Reform and Development Research Institute of Guangdong Province
    • Strategic collaborations in B&R research
  • Deloitte China
    • Professional training workshops
  • EY
    • Professional training workshops
  • The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
    • Seminar on B&R
  • Global China Studies, CityU
    • Seminar on B&R
  • Maritime Silk Road Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences
    • Collaborations in field studies in Guangdong
  • Public Policy Institute, Our Hong Kong Foundation
    • Public seminar on B&R
  • Research Centre on One-Belt-One-Road, CityU
    • Seminar on B&R
  • RTHK3
    • Public seminar on B&R
  • Academy of Policy Policy, Renmin University of China and International Cooperation Center for National Development and Reform Commission (ICCNDRC)
  • School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
    • B&R projects case study research
  • The Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC), CityU