About CSHK

The idea to set up a Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong (CSHK) comes out of a realization resultant of a long process of engagement and research with various sectors in Hong Kong: we need to apply more collective efforts to systematically address the challenges of socio-economic-environmental sustainability for the betterment of Hong Kong and the Region.

CSHK, established in June 2017, is an Applied Strategic Development Centre of CityU. It houses the Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hub (SusHK Hub) and the CSHK International Hub for the Belt and Road and supports all the research and collaborative activities with stakeholders from different sectors and regions.
Professor Linda Chelan Li is appointed as Centre Director.

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Director's Message

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How can education and research enlighten wisdom, breed creative agency and encourage openness rather than closures? CSHK as an inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research platform was founded in 2017 to encourage synergy and collaboration between people of different training and diverse cultures, to open up horizons of visions and to nurture budding missions contributing to sustainable development of Hong Kong and the region. During the past several years we have worked on themes ranging from the role of Hong Kong professional services in the Belt and Road Initiative, the strategic significance of the Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area policy and development, the evolving agenda of the ESG and its reporting in HK, the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence governance, sustainable socio-economic policies on housing and land, education and innovation, green buildings and green finance, creative platforms and space for innovations, to the significance and need for a diverse workforce and policies for sustainable talent development and productivity. The depth and breadth of the challenges have humbled our inquiries, as we are guided by science and a principled passion. We need your support, comments and suggestions – this is, above all, a collaborative endeavour (Please send us an email at sushkhub@cityu.edu.hk).

Prof Linda Chelan Li
Director, Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong
Convenor, Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hub
Professor of Political Science
Department of Public and International Affairs
City University of Hong Kong

Mission & Objectives

The mission of CSHK is to analyze and develop solutions to meet critical sustainability issues in Hong Kong from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

  • Develop a coherent research profile by initiating or joining impactful projects in relation to sustainable development of Hong Kong and the Region
  • Establish and develop links with industry, academia and government, locally and regionally, to contribute to the applied research projects on real-life sustainability challenges and to maximize impacts of our research
  • Organize conferences, seminars, talks and other knowledge transfer and educational events for students, faculty, professionals, business executives and government officials to advance knowledge in the investigation into sustainability solutions
  • Interface with government initiatives to contribute to a desirable and sustainable trajectory for the development of Hong Kong and the Region

Contact Us

Email: sushkhub@cityu.edu.hk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushkresearchhub
WeChat public account: HK持续发展研究中心CSHK
Tel: (852) 3442 8914
Address: LI5573, Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong, Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong