University Support
We offer innovative all-rounded services and support for all our students. Despite the challenges along our path, we continue to work with employers to provide exciting job opportunities for our fresh graduates and assist students in building their start-ups.
  1. CityU Career Launch Scheme (CARLS)

    • 16,780 industry partners, employers, alumni, and trade associations were contacted.
    • 1,870+ job vacancies were created for 2020 CityU graduates.
    • 4,980+ students searched CARLS jobs on JobPlus, with a total of 36,300+ page access.
    • 2000+ one-on-one career consultation offered by the Career and Employability Consultants attached to Colleges and Schools.
    • Extensive press coverage on CityU CARLS can be viewed on the CARLS website.
  2. EDGE’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic

    It provided resources and assistance to help students identifying and developing innovative ideas into products and business. Professional advice such as filing patent, applying Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU), business plan, personal project or start-up related legal issues will be given.