Our Teachers
We are justly proud of the quality of our teachers whose methodologies and timely support for our students safeguard the on-going provision of world-class education across the CityU curriculum.
  1. Teaching Excellence Awards

    CityU introduced the Teaching Excellence Awards (TEAs) in 1993, as the first university in Hong Kong to offer such awards. The Awards aim to acknowledge and reward excellent teachers in the University; promote and nurture best teaching practices; and identify the best candidates for the UGC Teaching Award and nurture potential candidates for future selection. Since its introduction, 113 outstanding teachers have received this prestigious award. Each winner is awarded, in addition to cash award, a grant of HK$150,000 to undertake a teaching development project of their choosing.

  2. Innovative CityU-Learning Awards

    The Awards, introduced in 2019/20, aim to recognise innovative approaches implemented towards enhancing the quality of online teaching and assessment at the University. The Awards recgonised 4 innovative approaches in its first round, covering courses from business to science, to engineering, and veterinary medicine and life sciences. In addition to cash award, awardees could use the award grant of HK$35,000 on an e-learning related project.

    Prof Sophie St-Hilaire (Professor, PH) & Dr Giana BASTOS GOMES (Assistant Professor, PH)
    Dr TAN, Chee Wei (Associate Professor, CS)
    Prof Muammer OZER (Professor, MGT)
    Dr Yun Wah LAM (Associate Professor, CHEM)

  3. Teaching grants

    The University Grants Committee (UGC) has been allocating the teaching development and related grants to local institutions to encourage innovative approaches in teaching, to improve the learning environment for students and to promote professional development of teaching staff. The Teaching Development Grant provides support to projects at a ceiling of HK$240,000 each. A project involving overseas collaboration may request up to HK$270,000. Teaching Start-Up Grant was later introduced especially for new faculties joining the University, providing each project up to HK$120,000 support. The University awards around 30 projects each year to enhance teaching approaches of various disciplines.