Innovative CityU-Learning Awards 2020

Innovative CityU-Learning Awards Selection 2020


The Awards aim to recognise innovative approaches implemented in Semesters A & B 2019/20 towards enhancing the quality online teaching and online assessment at CityU.

Selection Criteria

  1. Description of the innovation and how it is implemented;
  2. Intended outcomes / expected impact of innovation on student learning/assessment;
  3. Transferability of innovation to other courses and/or disciplines; and
  4. Evaluation and evidence of impact.

A list of awardees:

Dr Yun Wah LAM (CHEM) for “ZOOMing into a scientific discussion: learning to ask, not to answer.” [details]

Prof Muammer OZER (MGT) for “Teaching product innovation and its hidden political dimensions through an active online board meeting to 19-20 years-old undergraduate students who never worked before.” [details]

Prof Sophie ST-HILAIRE & Dr Giana BASTOS GOMES (PH) for “Clinical case computer simulations for learning fish disease investigations.” [details]

Dr Chee Wei TAN (CS) for “Flipping an online classroom with an AI chatbot to teach better and smarter!” [details]