Our core values

In addition to the 5 Core Values outlined in the University’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan – namely Excellence, Honesty, Freedom of Enquiry, Accountability, and Civility and Collegiality – the IT organization has a set of additional IT-related Core Values that we cherish:

  • Professionalism, integrity and IT competence

    What we value most is the professionalism with which we approach each task, the integrity of our workforce in taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions, and our IT competency and professional knowledge. The IT organization constantly strives to be a learning organization to continuously transform ourselves to adapt to the changing technology needs of higher education and our stakeholders.

  • Business alignment and user focus

    We highly value our ability to constantly align what we do with the University’s Strategic Plan. This is achieved through active involvement by our stakeholders in IT strategy formation and setting objective IT priorities. Our IT organizational culture strongly encourages communication and openness in decision-making at all levels. As a service organization, what we do is highly user-focused, providing value and benefits to the general CityU community in line with the University's mission.

  • Result-oriented

    The IT organization is practical, resourceful and result-oriented. Technology will be used wisely to achieve measurable benefits for our stakeholders. In this aspect, we constantly seek innovative use of technology while balancing cost effectiveness in implementation; technology will not be used for technology’s sake.

    We serve close to 30,000 staff and students, and the quality of our service and “customer” satisfaction is highly important to us and always our top priority. The performance of all units within our IT organization are reviewed and benchmarked regularly.

  • Proactive

    IT’s role in a modern University is strategic and transformational. Central IT is no longer a simple passive provider of IT services, but a proactive participant in helping achieve University mission and strategy. In this regard, we highly value our ability to proactively seek new technology and applications to streamline operations and enable business transformation.