Photo of Dr Wong Chun Hong

Harvey Ng
Year 3 Student of Computer Sciences

Innovators do not predict the future, they build the future with a steadfast faith in success.


Harvey Ng, a Year 3 student studying computer sciences at CityU, has great passion for innovative technology. His motto since childhood is “Innovators do not predict the future, they build the future with a steadfast faith in success.” Harvey keeps reminding himself not to simply follow the accustomed rules but be persistent in pursuing his journey for innovation. His outstanding academic performance has earned him various scholarships which enabled him to go to the US to study the joint bachelor’s degree programme at Columbia University for his final two years.

Harvey shared that as he was more interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, he changed his major programme during his study. The new academic discipline broadened his horizons while the internship at the Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) provided him with an opportunity to apply his academic knowledge to real practice. “I was then responsible for a project related to intelligent robots, which enabled me to apply the theories and knowledge I learned in class to solve actual operational problems in the workplace. During the internship, I kept trying to improve the finished product. It was a memorable and fulfilling experience for me to see the final product,” he said excitedly.

During the internship at ITB, Harvey learns about the knowledge related to intelligent robot, which lays a solid foundation for his future career.


Harvey and three other CityU students receive the Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2021 that enables them to take part in activities such as overseas exchange, local internship and mentoring programme.

From his childhood experience and the observations through his part-time job at a tutoring centre, Harvey understood the difficulties and constraints faced by underprivileged students under the conventional education system. He thus aspired to use AI and data science to develop an intelligent learning system that can analyse different learning problems of students. By integrating scientific knowledge and education concepts, he hoped that the system could help teachers to develop tailor-made learning solution for each student. As the solution is designed to meet the particular needs of each student, it is hoped that all students could achieve a better learning experience and outcome.

Harvey was particularly grateful to CityU and scholarship donors for making his dream of overseas studies come true. He said, “CityU’s internationalised learning environment has enabled me to meet peers with different cultural backgrounds. Through interactions and exchange of ideas, we had great experience of collision of thoughts that challenged our minds. With CityU’s spirit for pursuing innovation and keeping an open mind for inclusion, I came to Columbia University to learn about the latest development of technology in the US. I hope that this overseas study can enhance my academic knowledge and help me contribute to the wellbeing of society in future.”