Past Events

  • Seminar
  • 2 Mar 2023

    Animal Health and Welfare Seminar
    "Why One Welfare is of central relevance for veterinarians?"

    by Prof Paul McGreevy

    One Welfare is of central relevance for veterinarians because we care about much more than health alone.

    In this presentation, veterinarian and ethologist Prof Paul McGreevy introduce this important framework that that recognizes that animal welfare, biodiversity and the environment are intertwined with human wellbeing and community resilience, and ultimately to promote the ethical treatment of all animal.

    It is a framework made by vets for the veterinary profession and one that vets need now more than ever. It is fundamental to sustainability. Please reach out to us for recordings if you couldn't join us live:

    • Seminar
    • 17 Jan 2023

      Animal Health and Welfare Seminar
      "Thoroughbred Racehorse Welfare in Training and Racing"

      by Dr James Mizzi and Mr Voss Yu

      The life of a thoroughbred racehorse evolves across a broad industry, from breeding barn into training stables, then potentially through to multiple secondary careers after retirement from horseracing. Each of these steps have their own unique welfare challenges and considerations.

      In this talk, representatives at the HKJC will highlight the importance of recognizing the welfare issues facing racehorses in training and having an understanding of the perception and ethical viewpoints of stakeholders and the general public for developing strategies to improve racehorse welfare. Please join us to learn more from the guest speakers, there will be a follow-up seminar later on about the life of a retired racehorse.

      This seminar might have answers for your questions on equine/horse welfare, get in touch with us for the recording:

      • Seminar
      • 18 Oct 2022

        Animal Health and Welfare Seminar
        "Ethical Challenges Associated with Companion Animal Euthanasia"

        by Dr Anne Quain

        This talk will provide an overview of key ethical challenges around euthanasia of companion animals, and discuss how to increase confidence in decisions to euthanase animals.

        Reach out for the recording of this important webinar:

        • Seminar
        • 28 Sep 2022

          Animal Health and Welfare Seminar
          "Veterinary Overtreatment: Just because we can - doesn't mean we should."
          by Dr Polly Taylor

          Ground-breaking, purportedly lifesaving veterinary treatment is sensationalized globally. It may postpone death, but does it actually benefit the animal concerned? Dr Polly Taylor, a well-respected author and award-winner in Anaesthesia and Analgesia, shared her views in this webinar.

          Get in touch with us to view this thought-provoking seminar:

          • Seminar
          • 7 Apr 2022

            CAHW-BVM Animal Welfare Course Seminar
            "Cute in Crisis: Challenges and Solutions to the International Boom in Brachycephalic Dogs"

            by Dr Rowena Packer

            This seminar, co-organised with the BVM Animal Welfare Course, featured Dr Rowena Packer at The Royal Veterinary College to discuss the human factors driving the brachycephalic crisis, and the international strategies taken to attempt to solve it, from measures to improve breed health, to legislation to limit the breeding and/or ownership of afflicted breeds.

            Reach out for recordings in case you miss this presentation:

          • Seminar
          • 8 Mar 2022

            Animal Health and Welfare Seminar
            "Working Dog Welfare: from stress to sustainability"

            by Dr. Mia Cobb

            Working dogs assist people in important and diverse roles globally, such as scent detection, as guides, protectors and herding livestock. The work of these dogs is both economically and socially valuable, prompting interdisciplinary research focus over the last twenty years.

            In this seminar, Dr. Mia Cobb at the Animal Welfare Science Centre, University of Melbourne explored the human psychology, animal welfare science and ethics that underpin the management, social license and sustainability of modern working dogs.

            Please get in touch if you would like to access the recording: