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Award-winning Final-Year Project in Student Project Exhibition 2019

BME students taking part in the SPE2019 in CityU
BME students taking part in the SPE2019 in CityU
28 JUN 2019

Congratulations to Miss HUNG Shu Ting, who has won the Best Poster Presentation Award in the Student Project Exhibition (SPE) 2019 through her Final Year Project ‘Development of Wearable Smart Tee for Sitting Posture Detection’, under the supervision of Dr. King LAI.

The exhibition was jointly organized by the College of Engineering (CENG) and the College of Science (CSCI) during 26-27 June 2019 in CityU to showcase the talents and innovative discoveries of CityU students and teachers through a range of interactive demonstrations in STEM workshops, featured project and student project presentations. With the concerted effort of CENG, CSCI and academic departments concerned, the SPE has attracted more more than 500 visitors from secondary school students, teachers, parents and the general public.

The Best Poster Presentation Award was offered to recognize the most outstanding student project in each academic unit at the closing ceremony on 27 June 2019. The list of awardees and supervisors is shown below:

College of Engineering

Unit Project Title Project Supervisor(s) Project Representative(s)
ACE Vibration-Based Structural Model Updating of a Double-Layer Truss Dr Paul LAM MAN Shi Ching
BME Development of Wearable Smart Tee for Sitting Posture Detection Dr King LAI HUNG Shu Ting
BST Feasibility Study on an Alteration and Addition Project for Flatted Factories in Lai King Miss Conny WANG HONG Karhang James,
LEE Kin Fat,
TSE Kwan Kiu
CS Large Graph Mining: Subgraph Isomorphism Dr TAN Chee Wei HANG Ching Nam
EE Design and Development of a Quadruped Robot Dr Ricky LAU CHAN Sheung Long
MSE Detection of Riboflavin by Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor with Titanium Nitride and Nanostructure Prof Lawrence WU CHUNG Yui Cheung
MNE Developing a Non-Destructive Testing Device for Inspecting Rusty Steel Pipes within Concrete Wall Dr LUK Bing Lam CHOI Wai Ho Tom
SEEM Constructing Simulation Model for Light Rail Services in Hong Kong Dr Andy CHOW KWOK Oon Hei

College of Science

Unit Project Title Project Supervisor(s) Project Representative(s)
CHEM EGFP Knockdown Efficiency of Pro-siRNA Delivered by CPP-p19-RNase III Fusion Protein in HeLa Cells Dr HUANG Linfeng HE Shiyu
MA Approximating Multivariable Functions with Neural Networks Dr ZHANG Shun YU Duo
PHY Optimization of Properties of Aluminium-doped Zinc Oxide by Annealing at Different Temperature under Different Gas Environment Prof YU Kin Man CHAN Ka Ho

Last modified on 28 June, 2019