BME Virtual Lab Tour (for secondary school students)

Dear fellow students,

Please click at the below links and you will learn some major teaching facilities in BME department. Besides, you will also view some of the major equipment demonstration which we use to teach students various important Biomedical subjects such as imaging techniques, AI and Robotic for Biomedical application, Instrumentation Control, Cellular and Molecular applications, Micro fabrication, and etc.

  1. Micro Fabrication Laboratory (YEUNG-B1667)
  2. E-SEM and NanoScribe Room (YEUNG-Y1415)
  3. Biomedical Manufacturing Laboratory (YEUNG-Y1501)
  4. Bio-imaging and Instrumentation Laboratory (YEUNG-P4806)
  5. Bio-Physical Measurement Laboratory (YEUNG-P4808)
  6. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Laboratory (YEUNG-P4810)
  7. Preclincial MRI Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (YEUNG-P7612)

Last modified on 23 October, 2020