State Key Laboratories at CityU

State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves

The Ministry of Science and Technology approves set up of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves in March 2008. It is the first such laboratory in the engineering discipline in Hong Kong. The Laboratory will focus on research in the principal theories and applications of millimeter waves, including the improvement of its penetration to make the technology more accessible. It also has implications for the development of communication technologies in China.

  Affiliation Name
Director: CityU Prof Chi Hou Chan
Deputy Director: CityU Prof Quan Xue
Team Members : CityU Prof Kwai Man Luk
CityU Prof Kwok Wa Leung
CityU Prof Yue Bun Edwin Pun
CityU Dr Sze Chun Chan
CityU Dr En Yuan Joshua Lee
CityU Dr Shu Hung Leung
  CityU Dr Hang Wong
  CityU Prof W. Stella Pang
  CityU Prof Kam Wing Kenneth Lo
  CityU Dr Yun Wah Lam
  CityU Dr Arul Lenus Roy Vellaisamy
  CityU Dr Chung Yin Johnny Ho
  CityU Dr Taejoon Kim
  CityU Dr Chun Yuen Alex Wong
  CityU Ms Wing Chi Mok
  HKU Dr Lijun Jiang
  University of Birmingham Dr Tsan Hang Jensen Li
  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Prof Shiwei Qu
  South China University of Technology Prof Xiuyin Zhang

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State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has obtained approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology to set up the State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution in November 2009.  The laboratory will build on the solid foundation of marine pollution research work at CityU, and conduct research on marine environment for the benefit of China and its people, besides promoting collaboration between the mainland and Hong Kong on the development in related technologies.

Director:CityUProf Paul Lam
Associate Director (Admin): CityUDr Leo Chan
Team Members:CityUProf T.C. Lau
CityUProf Nora Tam
CityUProf Michael Yang
CityUProf Peter Yu
CityUDr Doris Au
CityU Prof S.H. Cheng
CityU Prof István Horváth
CityUDr S.G. Cheung
CityUDr Richard Kong
CityUDr Michael Lam
CityU Dr Margaret Murphy
CityUDr Paul Shin
CityU Dr James Lam
  CityUProf Ying Li
  CityUDr Eddie Ma
  CityUDr T.C. Wai
HKUProf W.K. Li
HKUProf Rudolf Wu
HKU Prof  Kenneth Leung
HKU Prof  X.Y. Li
  HKU Dr Vengatesen Thiyagarajan
 HKUST Dr Stanley Lau
HKUSTProf J. Gan
HKUSTProf H.B. Liu
HKUSTProf Pei-yuan Qian
HKUSTProf W.X. Wang
CUHKDr Put Ang
HKBU Prof Chris Wong
HKBU Prof Z.W. Cai
  HKBUDr Robert Chan
  HKBUDr Jill Chiu
  HKBUDr J.W. Qiu
PolyU Prof X.D. Li
  University of MacauProf W. Ge
Xiamen UniversityProf Min-han Dai

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