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Laboratory Safety Unit

Role of the LSU

  • To enhance accountability by appointing management level full time specialists to oversee the purchase, sotrage and movement of drugs, chemicals and animals
  • To ensure laboratory safety compliance
  • To provide advice to the Health and Safety Committee related to safety issues

Guidelines and regulations related to safety

Contact Us

Laboratory Safety Unit

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Cheng, S H Director of Laboratory Safety and Risk Management Email address 3442-9027 TYB-1B-207

University Protection Officers

Subject Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Radiation Prof. Yu, K N Peter Professor Email address 3442-7812 YEUNG-G6752
Animal Work Dr Liu K Assistant Professor Email address 3442-5295 TYB-1B-405
Biological Dr Kong, Y C Richard Associate Professor Email address 3442-7794 YEUNG-B6709
Chemical Dr Ko, C C Vincent Associate Professor Email address 3442-6958 YEUNG-B6515
Non-ionizing Radiation Dr Chan, W S Associate Professor Email address 3442-7804 YEUNG-G6360
Laser Dr Lo, K C Dennis Chief Technical Officer Email address 3442-4748 YEUNG-P2834

Technician and Artisans at College of Engineering and College of Science

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Mr Mok, K T Technician Email address 3442-6766 MMW-1434
Mr Chan, W L Technician Email address 3442-6773 MMW-1434
Mr Cheung, K K Raymond Senior Artisan Email address 3442-7005 MMW-1434
Mr Lo, W K Artisan Email address 3442-7159 MMW-1434

Facilities Management Office

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Mr Leung, W K Senior Safety and Admin Manager Email address 3442-5252 TYB-Blk 1-7/F
Ms Kwok, N Y Assistant Safety Manager (Lab) Email address 3442-6034 TYB-Blk 1-7/F
Miss Chow, Y M Ivy Senior Safety Officer (Lab) Email address 3442-6095 TYB-Blk 1-7/F
Ms Lam, P Y Belle Senior Safety Officer (Lab) Email address 3442-6072 TYB-Blk 1-7/F