Low-Carbon and Climate Impact Research Centre (LCCIC) of SEE was established in August 2022 (Former centre’s name: Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre, June 2008 – July 2022). Over the last decades, the revelation of relationship between global carbon emission and its climate impact has becoming increasingly indispensable. The development of low-carbon transition and its impact on climate pattern are progressively complex yet important. The establishment of LCCIC integrates the low-carbon precincts in the context of climate impact studies to facilitate a comprehensive research coverage in the domain of energy-environmental issues. Tailored research focus is designed to untangle the causes and consequences between carbon and climate.

LCCIC will facilitate the strengths below:

  • Aligned Vision
    The establishment of LCCIC is a timely reflection of the centre’s alignment with Hong Kong’s goal in achieving carbon neutrality as elaborated in Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050. Accomplishment of LCCIC’s missions will lead to innovative solutions to address global concerns in sustainable clean energy, climate change, and environmental deterioration for better and healthier living conditions. It strategically fit into CityU’s grand plans on Smart City and One Health.
  • Visibility
    An explicit expression of “low-carbon” and its association with “climate impact” will facilitate high visibility of the research focus and outcome of the centre. The higher visibility has constructive influence on the centre, SEE and CityU, in promoting our research footprint along the Smart City, One Health and Carbon Neutrality
  • Connectivity
    A clear connection between low-carbon and climate patterns will be researched and established. This will improve the alignment of the centre’s positioning with SEE’s mission in connecting both elements of energy and environment.
  • Effective Platform
    This is a tailored and ideal platform for research community to attract attention and support from society. The centre serves as a dedicated research platform for disseminating research information on low-carbon, sustainable development and its interrelations with climate.