Workshop on Climate Change Science and Adaptation (15 April 2015)


Topic Speaker PowerPoint
Air-sea Climate Processes in the Tropics - Third ANCST Workshop at Bangalore, India, November 2014

Professor Lord Julian Hunt
University College London, UK

Downscaling Climate Change Signals to Urban Environments

Professor Gabriel Lau
Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Contribution of Urban Traffic to Climate Change and Environment - Case Study Beijing

Professor Jianping Wu
Tsinghua University

Seasonal Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Landfall

Professor Johnny Chan
City University of Hong Kong

Detection of Droughts under the Conditions of Climate Change in South China

Dr. Ji Chen
University of Hong Kong

Assessment of Future Drought in China Based on CMIP5 Multimodel Projections

Dr. Wen Zhou
City University of Hong Kong

The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report 2014 - Key Findings for Asia

Professor Joy Pereira
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia