Knowledge Transfer Office

Directory of Professional Expertise


"... anticipates and responds to the needs of industry, commerce and the community by engaging in applied research, and uses the results of such work to directly benefit Hong Kong and beyond..." City University's Mission

Human resource is the most valuable asset City University has. In this light, the Directory is a showcase of our strength in this area and more importantly, in what and how such resources and talent can be made available to the community. An increasingly important part of CityU's mission and outreach strategy to the community is its links with industry and the business community. These links will enhance CityU's aspiration to become a leading university in the Asia-Pacific region.

This Directory serves an important function: it details the breadth and depth of professional expertise of our staff at City University as researchers, consultants, analysts, project managers and commentators in scientific and social enquiries of all kinds. Detailed information is provided on some 400 staff members' professional qualifications, areas of professional expertise and consulting experience. A matrix by professional services and a subject index are also provided for easy reference.

We hope you will find this Directory useful. The University intends to update this publication from time to time in order to match our growing pool of talent with the changing needs of society. Any enquiries on potential opportunities in applied research and consulting projects can first be directed towards our Knowledge Transfer Office. Comments and suggestions on this publication are also welcome and can be made to the same office.

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