Human Resources Office
Tel (852) 3442 9250
Fax (852) 3442 0311
(852) 2788 1154
Office Hours Mon - Fri:
8:45 a.m. - 5:50 p.m.
Addr 17/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building,
City University of HK,
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, HK

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Staff Directory

Administration of personnel matters in the:

ACE, ACRC, AIM, ANSD, BST, CASM, CCCN, CFP, CBNN, CHEM, COSDAF, CRA, CS, CFSC, CSCR, CSE Office, CSIE, CUC, EE, EPA, FO, H2O, IAS, ICTC, LBJ, MA, MBE, MSE, MERC, NPMM, PHY, RO, SEEM, SKLMP, SKLMW, UP, Dean(CSE), Dir(EDGE), VP(RT), VP(SA), Chief-of-Staff, Prof. Gary Feng, Prof. Philippe Ciarlet, Prof. Roderick Wong

Team A

Position Name Responsible Department Phone Email
Human Resources Manager Ms. Pamina F Y YAN   3442 9247


Personal Secretary Ms Christina S T TSOI   3442 9277 hrcti
Supervisory Executive Officer Miss Katherine K Y LAU ACRC, ACE, BST, CASM, CFP, CHEM, CSE Office, COSDAF, H2O, IAS, RO, SKLMP, VP(RT), Dir(EDGE), Chief-of-Staff, NPMM, Prof. C T Liu, Prof. Gary Feng, Prof. Roderick Wong 3442 9236 hrklau
Executive Officer I Ms Maidie N C LO CCCN, CFSC, CBNN, CSCR, EE, EPA, ICTC, LBJ, MA, MSE, UP, SKLMW, Dean(CSE), Prof. Philippe Ciarlet 3442 9148 maidie.lo
  Miss Michelle W Y KWOK PHY, FO 3442 9305 waikwok
Executive Officer II Ms. Jenny T L SUEN AIM, ANSD, CRA, CS, CSIE, CUC, MBE,MERC, SEEM, VP(SA) 3442 5361 tlsuen
  Miss Irene H Y CHAN   3442 2839 hychan39
Clerical Officer I Miss Esther L S CHAN BST, CFP, COSDAF, PHY, Prof. Roderick Wong, Director(EDGE) 3442 9524 hrecn
Ms Peony W K WONG CSIE, SEEM 3442 9265 Peony.Wong

Miss Wayne W S LI

MA, MSE, Prof. Philippe Ciarlet, LBJ 3442 7735 cewingli
Clerical Officer II Ms Ankie C K CHAN AIM, CHEM, CS, H2O, MERC, SKLMP, VP(SA), Chief-of-Staff 3442 9262 hracn
  Miss Sze Y S CHAN ANSD, CASM, CRA, CUC, MBE, NPMM, VP(RT) 3442 5908 yeukschan4
  Ms Charis M L SO CBNN, CCCN, CFSC, CSCR, EE, EPA, ICTC, RO, SKLMW, Dean(CSE) 3442 7179 hrcso
Miss Flora F LAM ACE, ACRC, CSE Office, FO, IAS, UP, Prof. C T Liu, Prof. Gary Feng 3442 5342 funglam6
  Miss Tammy T Y CHONG   3442 9250 tychong
Office Assistant Mrs K C POON 3442 7120
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