LAU, C. K. Terrence

Dr LAU, C. K. Terrence (劉智剛)

Associate Professor

PhD (PolyU)

  • 1B-202, 2/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building
  • +852 3442-9327
  • +852 3442-0549
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  • RNA Biology and Technology • RNA Biogenesis • Structural and Chemical Biology • Molecular Microbiology

Dr Terrence Lau received his PhD in biochemistry at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and started his post-doctoral training at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Philadelphia, where he developed his interest in the structure/function relationship of RNA/protein complex and their functional roles in the cell. His research focuses on understanding the regulation of non-coding RNA and RNA/protein complexes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and the application of RNA technology. More information can be found on


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Book Chapter

  • Battle, D.J., Kasim, M., Yong, J., Lotti, F., Lau, C.K., Mouaikel, J., Zhang, Z., Han, K., Wan, L. and Dreyfuss, G. The SMN Complex: An Assembly Machine for RNPs In Cold Spring Habor Symposia On Quantitative Biology, Vol. LXXL (2007)

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